The Inaugural Post

the very first in a long line of highly informative and entertaining posts

Welcome to this little corner of the webiverse. It’s taken us a while to get this tiny plot of digital goo shaped up and turned into something that we can call home, but we’ve finally pulled it off.

As the title indicates, this is the inaugural post. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, the definition of the word “inaugural” is somewhat misleading — you’re probably thinking you’ll learn all about naugahyde in this initial post, but we’ll have to cover that topic in a future post. For now, we just want you to know sort of what to expect from our tiny, but brilliant, little minds.

We observed how it can be so hard to make time for certain things like flossing, and changing wiper blades on the car, and shredding stacks of decades-old bank statements, but it seems so easy to make time for watching things on teevee like A Marekin Idle and Sir Viver and Law & Odor, so obviously the best way to deliver important nuggets of information is to do it in the form of a teevee program.

In fact, we’re developing a whole slew of teevee programs that will shed a lot of light on the ways in which blunders are endangering the world.

Yep, and through these teevee programs, we’ll do more than just provide insight into the blunders…. we’ll provide concrete ideas for transitioning to a world that has the following qualities:

  • better lives rather than more stuff
  • meaningful jobs and thriving communities
  • meeting our needs without undermining the life-support services of the planet
  • easy accessibility to vending machines that sell breast milk

Don’t miss a single episode! We now return to our irregularly scheduled programming.

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