Meet the Moderators

Sort of an introduction to the introduction

This started out as a project of the Society for the Prevention of an Incredibly Rotten Messy Society (aka SPIRMS), an organization dedicated to rectifying wrongs, practicing moderation (and lots of it), as well as creating plenty of reverence for irreverence.

Membership in SPIRMS was mostly made up of old farts. The members quickly realized that while their actions could make a difference, the bulk of what would need to be done would fall on the shoulders of today’s young people. The old farts began a campaign to recruit some of the brightest, most talented, resourceful, energetic young people to partner with them to turn the world on its ear.

We proudly present the young people who have been selected to take over this project….

The actual introduction

Hi. I’m a 6-month-old baby. I have a brother or a sister — I’m not really sure which — and it looks just like me. I call it “Twy”. It calls me “Twy-Agin”.

Twy and I, we’re awfully new at this, so please excuse any mistakes we make. When we get to be your age, I’m sure we’ll have much gooder grammar.

This is where we tell you a little bit about ourselves, and why we’ve taken on this project, and why our opinion matters, stuff like that, but first my sibling would like to add a few words….

Hey. Twy here. I don’t usually have much to say, but when I do I put my words inside one of these little structures that looks like a box formed by purple dotted lines. Wondering why I do that? I dunno… I guess I just like purple.

Here’s a good place to learn about the factors that prompted a couple of ordinary babies to give up most of their playtime and their naps to develop a web presence.