Frequently Asked Questions

important questions

Why do you call this thing a blev instead of a blog?

Do you really think the world needs another blog? That’s the short answer. The long answer is here.

According to the International Federation of Frequently Asked Questions, is it legal to answer a question with a question?

How is it possible for you two little bitty babies to convey all this information?

As we mentioned here, we googled “convert baby thoughts into text” and found a device that enables us to communicate even our most incomprehensible babbling to persons of the adult persuasion.

What’s with the television program format on this site?

It’s natural to assume that a cute little baby is capable of thinking only shallow thoughts. So if me and Twy are gonna convince people that we have profound stuff to say, we learned that it has to look like the stuff is coming out of a teevee.

Yeah, it didn’t take a wocket scientist to figure that one out.

Is there a baby playing peekaboo on the home page?

We checked the home page for a peekaboo’ing baby, but we didn’t see any such thing. When’s the last time you saw an eye doctor?

twivial questions

Does the International Federation of Frequently Asked Questions specify how frequently a question has to be asked before it’s considered a frequently asked question?

Yes, but the rules don’t apply to FAQ authors who aren’t tall enough to ride Space Mountain at Disneyland.

Looks like question-asking is happening much more fwequently than I imagined.