What on earth is a blev?

This is not a blog. It’s a blev.

You probably know what a blog is. It’s a web log. Let’s break that term down into its individual parts.

A web is something that a spider constructs using its knowledge of the exact height of your face in order to evoke the maximum amount of frenzy from you when you run into it. Now, the second part of “web log” — what do you think of when you hear the word “log”?

Something just laying there.

Right. A log is something that doesn’t do anything — it just lays there.
So a web log, or blog, is something that sorta grabs you and wraps itself around your face, refusing to let go, and then just lays there.

Now, what is a blev? It’s web leverage.

Breaking this term down into its individual parts, web is the same as what it was a minute ago — something that a spider blah blah blah.

Leverage has to do with using something in a way that makes it more powerful/forceful. For example, if I’m struggling to get the top off a jar of strained beets….

Hmmmm, that’s a bad example — I hate beets!

Okay, let’s just say that applying leverage to our web gives us something that is more powerful than a blog. It’s like a blog on steroids. It’s all about learning something, and then turning thought into action. You see, knowledge without action is like fire without heat….

Or a sponge without absorption

….or love without lovingness….

Or a bunny without bunnyness.

Right. So let the blevving begin….