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What’s the point of all this?

Polls show that 96.7% of all babies are concerned that their standard of living will be inferior to their parent’s standard of living.

Polls also show that 96.7% of all adults are really bothered by that statistic.

Polls suggest that if everyone is so darn bothered by that statistic, they need to do something about it.

An informal show of hands indicates that it’s easier to ignore an impending standard of living degradation than it is to figure out how to do something about it. At, we’re out to change that!

If you would prefer not to have to look your children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren in the eye to tell them that you really wish you could have prevented serious standard-of-living degradation but you didn’t want to miss each new episode of CSI:Omaha, then you’ll certainly want to explore this site.

a little more detail about the contents of this site

Might as well say this right up front:
The guts of this site will contain a lot of talk about the economy and finance.

Before you let out a large groan, you’ll be relieved to learn that this ain’t that boring, geeky, “GDP this, TARP that” economy and finance talk — the kind of talk that causes your eyeballs to roll back in your head. This will be perky, innovative, easy-to-grasp, inspiring economy and finance talk — the kind of talk that makes you want to keep reading even when you need to go to the bathroom so bad that you have to keep jiggling your legs to keep from wetting your pants. Enough said about that.

An example of fun econ/finance talk will be provided soon.


some friendly advice

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who, what, why, etc — that’s where you can learn a little background info about the creators of this site, what they consider their purpose in life to be, and even peruse a FAQ page

enter the blev zone — takes you to a thing that is like a blog on steroids

When you enter the blev zone, that’s where you’ll encounter all this fascinating food for thought that’s been designed to captivate and educate with half the calories of regular captivating, educating food for thought.

Much of the stuff on the blev is presented in sort of a television program format. Learn why here.

If this is your 1st visit, you really ought to start here. Oh yeah, we already said that, didn’t we?